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HYBERG Attila – Ein waschechter ultraleicht Rucksack aus Europa

Der HYBERG Attila schickt sich an, den Markt für Ultraleichtrucksäcke in Europa zu erobern. Er setzt dabei jedoch nicht auf rohe Gewalt wie das sein Namensvetter, Attila der König der Hunnen, im 5. Jahrhundert getan hat. Vielmehr überzeugt der Rucksack von HYBERG durch gute Verarbeitung, gute Eigenschaften und einen hervorragenden Preis.

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Cumulus Quilt 250 (long) – Gear Review

Switching from normal sleeping bags to quilts some time ago, was one of my best gear decisions in the recent years.

In my opinion quilts and comforters (quilts which can be completely opened into a kind of blanket) are more comfortable and adaptable than normal sleeping bags. The major advantage of quilts, compared to sleeping bags, is the weight! Open back (using your sleeping pad as isolation) and the missing hood, cut down the weight drastically!

The lack of a hood can easily be replaced with a beanie or your puffy attached hood (usually I carry at least one of those two items). Compressed down at the back of your normal sleeping bag loses thermal isolation capability and is more or less useless, quilts save this useless weight and rely on the isolation of your pad. And I can tell you: it really works!

Choosing my new Cumulus 250 Quilt

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