If you wonder who created this blog, you may find an answer here. But keep in mind: people and their minds evolve fast and I am pretty sure that the very second you are reading those lines, I am someone very different compared to whom I was back writing this confusing things.

Anyways: responsible for this blog is Dominik, born 1985 in Bregenz/Austria.

The reason this blog was created: Dominik often uses different sources to prepare or inform himself for multiday hiking trips, about equipment, etc.. The most important (and often most accurate and the ones you can most rely on!) are personal experiences from fellow hikers, which usually are shared in blogs and/or forums. Using this blog, Dominik wants to give something back to the community, wheter it is valuable information for your next trip or piecce of gear or just a simple piece of inspiration to get your ass out your door!

He found his passion for nature and the outdoors very late. Somewhen around 2011/2012 it slowly started. 2011 a very painful but inspiring first distance hike over about 200km lead him from St. Andrä am Zicksee (Burgenland/Austria) along the Austrian-Hungarian and Austrian-Slovakian border and the river March to Hohenau an der March (Lower Austria). Naivety, unpreparedness and inadequate gear (mostly shoes!) paired with high daily mileage and heat let him suffer. Luckily he didn’t quit after this educational experience and he explored Alaska/USA on a 5 week trip in 2012, where he built up some confidence and knowledge about hiking. Things started to speed up and year after year his passion and experience increased. Unfortunatelly a lot of hikes and travel experiences are left undocumented in this blog since time “living” is more important for Dominik, than time documenting “living”.

He is exploring nature on dayhikes, backpacking/trekking trips and via travelling in different countries. Most of the time he is on solo trips.

After starting off like almost everyone (hiking with too much gear and too much weight on his shoulders!), Dominik switched to travel (ultra-)light on his day and multiday trips. He realised that this is how hiking experiences can be a real pleasure.

One never stops learning, so Dominik is curious what the future will bring…




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Weg als Ziel – from here to there, an outdoor and hiking related website which covers ultralight hiking approaches, long distance hiking and gear which is related to (ultralight) hiking

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